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PRIVATE COLLECTION Fordite "Foot" Focal Bead Pendant 55x21x11

PRIVATE COLLECTION Fordite "Foot" Focal Bead Pendant 55x21x11

$ 200.00

PRIVATE COLLECTION items are "Priced to not sell"  but if they DO sell the money will let me miss them less and I will have the photo to remember them by!  Items labeled PRIVATE COLLECTION are things I made and decided I wanted to keep.  They are stored at my home and I wear them semi-regularly.  I wanted to show them off to a wider audience and I know that someday I will let them go!  You CAN go ahead and buy this item if you want and I will be very appreciative that someone liked it as much as I do and that it will go to a good home.  

This is a genuine fordite bead made with material from the Kansas City Ford Truck factory where they make the F-150.  There are FIVE TOES, including a BIG TOE!  There is a small but stable fracture in the back that doesn't threaten the structural integrity of this rare and unusual piece!

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