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About us

Hi,  I'm David V. Horste, a lapidary artist living in Portland, Oregon.  I started making jewelry when I was 8 years old, began cutting and polishing stones when I was 10, and learned basic silversmithing when I was 12.  I have been doing lapidary work full time since 1992.  I've always loved stones and I especially love designing focal beads using unusual gemstones as well as found objects.  My beads can be worn alone on a chain or cable as a pendant or can be incorporated into more elaborate designer necklaces.  I also make a lot of cabochons (cabs) for the jewelry designer to work with.  

I've been selling my work online since 2000 with literally thousands of satisfied customers all around the world.  After years of selling through the "Big guys" . online sales channels I'm pleased to finally have my own shopping cart in my website with my complete inventory available for online purchase directly from me. I look forward to supplying your bead and cabochon needs for years to come.

 I have a vast inventory of unusual rough to work with so if you want something in particular that you don't see here in the store don't hesitate to contact me directly at  Follow me on Facebook at DVHdesigns Custom Cut Beads to see what I'm up to in the studio!  

To e-mail me please use the contact form below.  My mailing address is also available for contact but that is just a mailbox and not a storefront.  

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of my work!  

Regards, David