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DVH Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Healed Heart of Stone Bead Pendant 44x32x15 (5321)

DVH Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Healed Heart of Stone Bead Pendant 44x32x15 (5321)

$ 49.99

This heart-shaped pendant was created by Lucky Leo Starfucker Sunshine, who carefully selected rocks with healed fractures and veins from the creek at the Brotherwood 2023 Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries in southern Oregon. In his lapidary shop, he crafted these limited edition pendants, retaining some natural flaws and surfaces, resulting in a loosely natural heart shaped and sanded appearance. After tumbling overnight with other rocks, they boast a satin matte finish, with the stone's color enriching over time as it absorbs the energy of your body oils. Each pendant comes with a 24" stainless steel bead ball chain, a Certificate of Authenticity & Meaning, and a gift box. Measurements in the title in millimetres. 10% of the proceeds are donated to NOMENUS in support of the Church's activities.

These heart-shaped beads, born from the creek's rocks, hold deep symbolism. The veins and healed fractures in the stones represent healing and transformation within sacred space. Embodying the energies of cleansing, renewal, and grounding, they are a microdose of Mother Mountain's landscape. Carrying the wisdom of the land and the love of the Radical Faerie community, these beads serve as potent reminders of the sanctuary's power to shift our hearts, minds, and spirits. As you wear this bead close to your heart, feel its calming and soothing weight, knowing the sanctuary's energy and the creek's gentle flow support you on your journey of healing and self-discovery. Be patient, as Mother Earth and Father Time hold the power to mend not just rocks but also your broken heart. You can transform your own path, just as the path of this stone was transformed when it left the flow of the creek and a new intention was set for it. More will be revealed. -LeoSFS

People often say that there is not enough Love in the world. I make one of a kind Heart Beads out of stone, fossil, and upcycled industrial waste to remind us that we can find Love everywhere. We can create Love out of anything. We can create Love that will last. We can ornament ourselves and others with that Love. This Heart Bead was handcrafted by a Radical Faerie in Portland, Oregon as a part of a Ministry of Energy. It carries the vibrations of the Love of the Land in which its substance was created and of the Love that helped find, transport, shape, drill, and disperse it in its current form. If this heart comes to you may you find its Love and energy to be a blessing. #SpiritualGeology reminds us that we come from the Earth and to her we shall return.

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