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DVH Red Dinosaur Bone Heart Cabochon Fluorescent Fossil Cab 32x28x4 (4277)

DVH Red Dinosaur Bone Heart Cabochon Fluorescent Fossil Cab 32x28x4 (4277)

$ 99.99

I made this freeform heart cabochon out of genuine fossil dinosaur bone that came from around the Colorado-Utah border. Measurements in the listing title.  This is a cabochon to be set in jewelry, not a finished pendant.  See my other listings for beads and pendants. Metaphysically dino bones are known to help access the wisdom of the ancient ones and connect one with beings in the Spirit realm, assisting in understanding earth changes, evolution and issues of dominance and endurance.  If you want to know more just do a quick search.  

The webbing in the cells fluoresces a creamy white under long wave ultraviolet light.  I took the fluorescent picture of the stone using a Convoy 365nm Ultraviolet (UV) Flashlight from Way To Cool to illuminate the bead and the other picture under a regular LED daylight bulb. The UV light is what makes the mineral "glow" and how brilliant it is will depend on the quality of the UV light you look at it with.  

Fluorescent minerals show up best under a QUALITY ultraviolet lamp.  A simple long wave "black light" bulb will not do any fluorescent mineral justice.  Don't be fooled by cheap knock off ultraviolet flashlights.  You get what you pay for.  

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