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DVH Rhodonite Broken Heart Bead Matte Pendant 52x17x11mm (5396)

DVH Rhodonite Broken Heart Bead Matte Pendant 52x17x11mm (5396)

$ 35.99

I made this one of a kind focal bead out of genuine rhodonite from Washington. It has a satin matte finish, a 2.5mm drill hole, and has a wonderful feel to it. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  

A Rhodonite heart bead with a matte finish and a stable fracture carries a blend of aesthetic and metaphysical properties that make it uniquely meaningful. Here’s a deeper look into its qualities:

  1. Matte Finish: The matte finish on the Rhodonite bead enhances its earthy, grounding qualities. This finish can help diffuse energy more gently as opposed to the more intense, reflective energy of a polished stone. It evokes a sense of calmness and subtlety.

  2. Rhodonite Properties: Rhodonite is renowned for its capacity to nurture love and emotional healing. It is especially valued for its role in healing emotional wounds, fostering forgiveness, and promoting reconciliation. The stone encourages the wearer to reach a place of compassion and love, balancing emotions and aiding in recovery from emotional trauma.

  3. Heart Shape: The heart shape of the bead emphasizes the qualities of love and healing. It symbolizes the center of emotion and reinforces the Rhodonite’s properties of compassion and nurturing, making it a potent symbol for those seeking to heal from past hurts or to foster love in their lives.

  4. Stable Fracture: The presence of a stable fracture within the bead holds significant symbolism. It represents resilience, healing, and the beauty in imperfection. In metaphysical terms, this feature can remind the wearer of the strength found in overcoming challenges and the beauty that comes from healing. The fracture symbolizes that even through brokenness, wholeness and beauty are achievable.

Overall, a Rhodonite heart bead with a matte finish and a stable fracture is a powerful tool for anyone seeking emotional healing and balance, offering a tangible reminder of personal growth and the strength found in vulnerability.

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