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DVH Dyed Fossil Woolly Mammoth Molar Bead Pendant 57x24x15 (4594)

DVH Dyed Fossil Woolly Mammoth Molar Bead Pendant 57x24x15 (4594)

$ 99.99

A really wonderful freeform shaped, one of a kind, bead pendant I made out of genuine Fossil Woolly Mammoth Molar! Measurements in the title. Drill hole is 2.5mm.  CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  Keep this material away from intense exposure to moisture or heat (which is bad for organic gemstones like this).  This material has been stabilized with resin but it is a natural color unless otherwise stated in the title.  

This material is collected in Alaska.  Fossil Mammoth teeth are found in the banks of streams, by mineral miners removing overburden, and by others that scour the tundra looking to collect this beautiful and rare material. Woolly Mammoths died out over 10,000 years ago and using this organic gemstone does not threaten any endangered species. Metaphysically, fossil mammoth tusk or tooth helps one connect with the wisdom of the ancients and helps prepare oneself spiritually for mega mammal extinctions.

FOSSIL ivory, teeth, and bone from walrus and mammoth are perfectly LEGAL to buy, work, sell, and wear almost everywhere in United States.  However, there are now fossil specific sales bans in NY, NJ, CA, and HI.  We won't ship to those states, nor will we ship overseas.  Sorry.

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