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DVH 39g Dendritic Silver Ore Heart Cabochon Dendrites Langis Mine 50x38x8mm

DVH 39g Dendritic Silver Ore Heart Cabochon Dendrites Langis Mine 50x38x8mm

$ 197.99

I hand cut and polished this heart shaped cabochon out of dendritic silver ore from the Langis Mine in Cobalt, Ontario.  Incredible plumes of high grade metallic native silver run through the whole piece.  Measurements in the title in millimetres.  Weight is 39 grams, 195cts, 1.38oz.  There is a stable, healed fracture that runs through the matrix.  The metallic silver runs through that fracture and holds it together, which makes this yet another heart in my "healed broken heart series."  I made this from the only piece of this rough that I have.  

Dendritic silver ore is a unique and intriguing mineral with notable metaphysical properties. This ore, characterized by silver deposits in dendritic or branching patterns, is associated with energies of transformation and introspection. It is believed to facilitate inner growth and self-discovery, encouraging individuals to explore the deeper aspects of themselves. Metaphysically, dendritic silver ore is thought to enhance intuition and insight, providing clarity in understanding complex situations. Additionally, it is associated with energies of abundance and prosperity, aligning with the silver's traditional symbolic connection to wealth. This mineral from the Langis Mine carries a blend of earthy and transformative qualities that make it a fascinating addition to metaphysical practices.

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