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DVH 4oz Bituminous Coal in a Black Heart Faux Leather Zippered Bag Carbon Crystals

DVH 4oz Bituminous Coal in a Black Heart Faux Leather Zippered Bag Carbon Crystals

$ 24.99

This listing is for 4 ounces of small, genuine, bituminous coal chunks from SE Tennessee. Shipped in a vintage, faux leather, zippered, black heart bag that is adorned with a heart peace sign of brass studs! The images show representative sample of 4 ounces of this coal. The exact number, size, and shape of the pieces in each black heart will vary slightly but each heart contains 4 ounces of this earth energy. 

This is the energy that was burned to fuel the building of all modern civilization. Imagine what it could do for you! Also great Christmas gift for people who have been naughty. This material is not gem quality so it's just fracturous coal. It's not compact and strong enough to be considered a form of jet. Higher quality gem grade coal is known as jet. It would be great if in the future we could see coal, jet, and shungite as fossil fuel jewels and not burn them as a dirty energy source.

In Roman times the trans priestesses of the Great Mother Goddess Cybele wore jet jewelry in her honor.  In Victorian times women would wear all black during periods of mourning and their mourning jewelry would traditionally be made of jet. It's also a kind of Gothic Style for gothic jewelry. Metaphysically it is said that it can help those with grief and provide support for depression.  It is also known to be a stone for abundance., good luck, and prosperity. That is why people originally put coal in Christmas stockings. It wasn't for being bad, it was for bringing good luck. Look in my DVHdesigns store for more coal specimens, carvings, genuine jet mourning jewels, queen coal technology, and much more!

According to the U.S. Energy Info Administration in 2018, the annual average heat content of coal produced in the United States was about 20.15 million British thermal units (Btu) per short ton (2,000 pounds).   So, rounding down, 20000000/2000= 10000 Btu per pound, 10000/16= 625 Btu per ounce.  So this little box has an estimated energy content of over 1,000 British Thermal Units.  That energy could really activate all the other crystals in your collection, depending on how it's used!  Use as you see fit.  

Every individual American's daily, personal, share of all the coal burned in this country is about 7 pounds per person, per day, every day, just coal, not counting oil and gas.  That's 28 of these heartfuls of fossil fuel.

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