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DVH 330g Astrophyllite Heart Palm Stone Druzy Fireworks Stone 103x93x23mm (5294)

DVH 330g Astrophyllite Heart Palm Stone Druzy Fireworks Stone 103x93x23mm (5294)

$ 249.99

A natural specimen that I refined some edges of to create a heart shape to meditate with. It's about the Love that is in the Earth and that is inside of you. Measurements in the title. A freeform shape with sparkling golden crystals. NOTE: this is a lose gemstone, not a finished piece of jewelry.  Astrophyllite gets its name, from the Greek words astron meaning "star" and phyllon meaning "leaf." Some people also refer to this as "fireworks stone" because of the appearance of the glistening needles. Among the minerals it is associated with that may be included in the matrix are feldspar, mica, titanite, zircon, nepheline, and aegirine. A beautiful and unusual stone. Genuine astrophyllite in matrix from Russia. I have both cabochons and focal beads in this material in my store.

People often say that there is not enough Love in the world. I make one of a kind Hearts out of stone, fossil, and upcycled industrial waste to remind us that we can find Love everywhere. We can create Love out of anything. We can create Love that will last. We can ornament ourselves and others with that Love. This Heart Bead was handcrafted by a Radical Faerie in Portland, Oregon as a part of a Ministry of Energy. It carries the vibrations of the Love of the Land in which its substance was created and of the Love that helped find, transport, shape, drill, and disperse it in its current form. If this heart comes to you may you find its Love and energy to be a blessing.

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