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Compensation for SPIRITUAL LABOR & WOO WORK - DVHdesigns


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Spiritual Labor.  It's more than just praying for someone, performing a marriage ceremony, giving a eulogy, etc.  Smudge don't judge.  

Spiritual Labor takes many forms.  Just how you present yourself to the world can be spiritual labor.  Saving up a bunch of files of aphorisms and memes to encourage people when they're down is spiritual labor.  Fighting to defend the truth in a time of lies is spiritual labor.  

I don't do spiritual labor because of the pay, obviously.  I do it because I feel called to.  Yet there's no reason that people who feel that they have benefited from my spiritual labor should not have the opportunity to show their appreciation.  I've made it easy to pay me with PayPal or Debit/Credit here in the listing with checkout.  Or just PayPal me money directly using Friends and Family with my email address

I keep saying it would be nice to be paid for spiritual labor so I'm creating the opportunity for that to happen.  This is just an exercise in creating opportunities for energetic exchange.  Payments for this "item" get you nothing but the informational links in this listing here in my web store and the opportunity to view these images I downloaded from the internet over the years. You also get the satisfaction that you made my life a little bit easier as I do the spiritual labor and woo work I am called to do both within my craft and my community work.  Thanks for taking the time to look at this listing.  Feel free to shop, share, and promote!  You can do the same thing!  Don't ask me how because THIS is the modeling behavior.... :) <3


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