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David V. Horste of DVHdesigns is a lapidary artist who makes designer focal beads and cabochons.  He works in semiprecious stone and organic gems (jet, fossil ivory, shell, bone, etc.), along with upcycled materials such as bowling ball, fordite, and patterned glass.  His work is done with diamond saws, grinding wheels, sanding belts, and polishing wheels.  He sells his work through internet marketing and direct sales at shows or private viewing.  

David has been cutting stones since 1976, beginning at age 10, and has been a full time stonecutter since 1992.  His studio is filled with rocks and gems from all over the world, ranging from familiar materials like turquoise and lapis lazuli to exotic things such as petrified dinosaur bone and fossil mammoth ivory.   When he wants to spice things up with some bright color he might cut up a colored bowling ball or a traffic light lens.  Stone cutting is a unique art in North America and it’s a very time consuming craft which requires tremendous patience and practice.  

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