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DVH Red Green River Rock Jasper Healed Broken Heart Bead 56x38x21 (5455)

DVH Red Green River Rock Jasper Healed Broken Heart Bead 56x38x21 (5455)

$ 59.99

I hand cut this one of a kind focal bead. Measurements in the title. 2.5mm drill hole. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. I found this rock in a bucket belonging to a local rock hound and I'm pretty sure the stone is native to the Pacific Northwet. Probably a jasper of some kind. Stable-healed fracture makes this another in my "Healed Broken Heart Series."

Metaphysically, the vibrant hues symbolize vitality, balance, and the harmonious flow of energies. The polished surface represents the smoothing of life's challenges, fostering emotional well-being. The stable fracture within the heart serves as a powerful metaphor, embodying the beauty found in healing and resilience after experiencing a broken heart. This unique bead encourages emotional balance, strength, and appreciation for the transformative journey of repairing and opening the heart to new love and experiences. It is a profound talisman, blending the grounding essence of Jasper with the symbolic resilience of a mended heart.

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