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DVH Gem Dinosaur Bone Biopsy Mother of Pearl Doublet Cabochon Pair 25x12x3mm (5426)

DVH Gem Dinosaur Bone Biopsy Mother of Pearl Doublet Cabochon Pair 25x12x3mm (5426)

$ 97.99

Another one of a kind from DVH Designs!!! This is actual fossilized dinosaur bone from the area around the northern border of Colorado, Utah. Measurements are shown in millimeters in the listing title. 

I cut this free form shaped cabochon from gem dino bone that has clear quartz chalcedony in the trabeculae. This network pattern is made up of partitions formed by bands or columns of connective tissue, especially a plate of the calcareous tissue forming cancellous tissue, also known as cancellous bone, spongy bone or trabecular bone, where the marrow is found. It is characterized by its spongy, porous, honeycomb-like structure and is typically found at the ends of long bones.

It is VERY rare to have the spaces in the cancellous bone filled by clear or super translucent chalcedony and not just opaque, earth tone, silicated minerals. Yet the only way to show this off is to look at one or two layers of the tissue and have it back lit. So I slice it really thin, make a doublet on mother of pearl, then finish the top even thinner so that light is going through basically one to two layers of the pattern and bounces back off the MOP. I call them Petrified Dinosaur Bone biopsies. A biopsy is a sample of tissue taken from the body in order to examine it more closely and that's what I feel these examples do. Truly a one of a kind! A perfect prize for the dino lover! Check out the rest of my listings!

Dinosaur bone has some interesting metaphysical properties, which I will list here. More geological information on dinosaur bone is below this. In a dinosaur bone biopsy, the metaphysical properties of petrified dinosaur bone ascend to new heights. As a connection to the past, it's believed to carry the energy and wisdom of the ancient beings it once belonged to. Transformed into a delicate dance of translucent beauty, the thin slices of gem dinosaur bone and mother of pearl doublets create an intricate fusion and magical interplay of energies. The luminosity of the clear chalcedony dances with the pearly white lustre, invoking a harmonious union of ancient dinosaur spirits and the nurturing embrace of contemporary ocean spirits. Beyond its historical connection, it becomes a conduit for grounding and stability, anchoring one in the present while fostering strength and courage. As a stone of transformation, the dinosaur bone biopsy becomes a guide, helping individuals gracefully navigate the diverse stages of life, evolution, extinction, and purpose. These create an ethereal synergy of the power of beings of both the ancient past and the oceanic present. A unique fusion of earthly wonders.

Here's some great geological information I copied some years ago from The rings-things web site, "The stone people today call dinosaur bone is more descriptively known as silicified (transformed into silica) fossil of dinosaur bone. The substance is a pseudomorph, the atom-by-atom replacement of one mineral for another without changing the original mineral's external appearance. In this case, bone has been replaced by chalcedony. Although fossilized dinosaur bones are found in many places around the world, from Argentina to Mongolia to Madagascar, the highly silicified and beautifully colored dinosaur remains sometimes called "gem bone" is almost exclusively found in a relatively small area in the U.S.A. called the Colorado Plateau. Most of the areas that produce quality bone are in Colorado and Utah. During the dinosaur period, this was an area that included both land and water, with swamps, lakes and shallow oceans bordered by continental shelf, rising into ancient mountains. The climate changed over time, growing more arid and increasing in volcanic activity. Silica-rich volcanic sediments were then carried by the rivers and deposited as the seas retreated. This environment proved ideal for the burial and subsequent preservation of countless dinosaur remains."

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