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DVH Genuine Jet & Tektite Bead 24" Necklace Trans Pride Power Mourning Jewelry (4912)

DVH Genuine Jet & Tektite Bead 24" Necklace Trans Pride Power Mourning Jewelry (4912)

$ 48.99

This focal bead is made from genuine jet from Russia. I have combined it with genuine tektite beads.  24" stainless steel 1.5mm bead ball chain, gift box, and information card included. 

 Jet is used in traditional mourning jewelry and was also thought to be worn by the Roman Galli, the trans priestesses to the Goddess Cybele, who was also known in Rome as the Magna Mater "Great Mother."  The representation of the Goddess came to Rome from Turkey in 204 BCE in the form of a black meteorite.  Her priestesses wore jet jewelry in her honor.  While tektites are not meteorites as the Magna Mater stone was, they are a type of natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts.  Thus a tektite has a "Walks Between" energy born from the impact of the Meteorite Great Mother and the Earth Mother. Jet is a kind of gem grade lignite coal that has been used in beads, jewelry, carvings and ornaments for 15,000 years. It's a true fossil fuel jewel. It was used in Victorian times in mourning jewelry. While the "energy" of other crystals and stones can't really be measured, the energy of jet can be measured in BTU's or joules of actual energy because it's a gem grade fossil fuel!  Knowing this history, the metaphysical combination of these two stones makes them a very powerful talisman for queer and trans identified folx, as well as anyone who loves the Great Mother Earth.

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