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DVH Fordite Surfboard Surfite Surf Stone Resin Cabochon PAIR 35x18x5 (4170)

DVH Fordite Surfboard Surfite Surf Stone Resin Cabochon PAIR 35x18x5 (4170)

$ 49.99

I hand cut this one of a kind, freeform shaped cabochon PAIR out of "surfite" or "surf stone" which is the built up globs of resin that form from the glassing process in surfboard manufacture!  Measurements are shown in the listing title. 

 Glassing is the process during which fiberglass cloth is draped over the foam and liquid resin is poured over the board. Excess resin is squeegeed off the board and falls to the floor, where it hardens in puddles.  Check all my listings to see the different varieties of this resin build up as well as genuine fordite from a Ford factory! 

I've been cutting varieties of fordite for over 40 years and I can generally tell whether or not the material is genuine automotive Fordite, another industrial overspray, or some kind of faked fordite. Contrary to what had been believed for many years about the unavailability of new rough due to manufacturing changes, there is SOME contemporary Fordite rough that is still collected and made available to lapidaries. Compare my work with other Fordite for sale on the internet! Much of it is faked or simply stripey resin beads from China and not genuine industrial overspray. I stand by the authenticity of my fordite. I grew up in a rock club in Michigan during the 1970's and old timer rock hounds who worked in the auto industry would collect chunks of dried, layered car paint from the paint sheds to use as a synthetic gemstone at least as early as the late 1960's. The paint was built up overspray that had been baked repeatedly making it relatively hard and solid. It was sold at local rock and gem shows as "Fordite, Chryslerite, Buickite or Detroit Agate." Fordite was by far the most common and popular name and has come to be used for all industrial oversprays used in the jewelry trade.

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