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DVH Drusy Cobalto Calcite Bead Pendant Pink Druzy 28x17x11mm (5592)

DVH Drusy Cobalto Calcite Bead Pendant Pink Druzy 28x17x11mm (5592)

$ 57.99

I hand cut this freeformed shaped focal bead out of natural pink drusy cobalto calcite from Congo. Measurements are shown in the listing title in millimetres. 2.5mm drill hole. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. Wonderful sparkly surface with natural pink druzy crystals all across the front. Buff polished sides and back. Very rare and beautiful. Compare with other cobalto calcite for sale on line. You won't find beads like this!

This is the famous pink drusy Cobalto Calcite from the Congo, formerly known as Zaire, where most of it is mined from the Kakanda Mine, Shaba Province. I try to find a few nice specimens when I am in Tucson each year although it is quite rare to find decent pieces. It is usually sold by the malachite dealers as this hot pink mineral is found in the malachite mines! There is little to no visible bruising to any of the crystals and they all REALLY sparkle! Some natural inclusions of other minerals may also be present.

According to some metaphysical info I pulled from the internet, this stone is "calming, centering and grounding, it is used for love's an energy amplifier said to help the body and mind remember astral travel, channeling, and the state of pure perfection. Helps clear and activate all your chakras..." and another site went on to say, "Pink Calcite is perfect for the heart, releasing old fears and grief, bringing in the essence of unconditional love. The pink ray always works dynamically on the heart chakra, gently cleansing and then transmuting all stored, negative issues of self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance. It will allow the integration of positive energy within all levels of the chakra system, the positive energy being love, compassion, understanding of unity within diversity, bringing tolerance, forgiveness and ultimately the complete expression of universal love and self-love. It relieves all stress, tension and anxiety, especially about our physical body. Pink Calcite’s energy can just melt and dissolve our resistance to loving ourselves enough to honour our body as the temple of our soul. This means taking care of ourselves and choosing food that nurtures us, rather than listening to the negative ego, which only seeks instant gratification, regardless of the long-term detrimental effects. Pink calcite is also useful after a person has been assaulted in any way, or if they have had an operation or dentistry. Good for heart conditions, kidney and uterine disorders. It removes fears and eases nightmares."

This mineral is always a lovely light pink to dark magenta and in addition to being popularly known as Cobalto Calcite is is also known as Cobalticalcite, Sphaerocobaltite, and Cobaltian Calcite. The crystals are not hard like quartz, so don't bang this around!

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