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DVH Ford Focus C-Max Fordite Lustre Bead Pendant 32x13x9 (5467)

DVH Ford Focus C-Max Fordite Lustre Bead Pendant 32x13x9 (5467)

$ 41.99

This is a handmade bead pendant, polished finish, 2.5mm drill hole, dimensions in title in millimeters.  CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  Made with material from the Ford Michigan Assembly automobile factory in Wayne where they made the Focus & C-Max until 2018!   Fordite is accumulated overspray from paint booths of an auto factory which I cut and polish using traditional lapidary techniques. Shipped in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is not finished jewelry but it is lightweight and could be wire wrapped, set in jewelry, or enjoyed as is. In my other listings I have Fordite beads, pendants, earrings, and cabochons made with other varieties of Fordite as well, including material from Corvette, Kenworth, F150, JpWrnglr, Freightliner, and more!

I have over four decades experience crafting unique Fordite pieces. Contrary to the long-held belief that new Fordite rough is scarce due to shifts in manufacturing practices, there is indeed SOME contemporary rough available to lapidary enthusiasts like myself. My collection of this rough is sourced from a very few select, reputable, dealers who I know and trust, guaranteeing its authenticity and provenance. When considering Fordite, it's essential to distinguish genuine pieces from imitations flooding the market. Many claim to offer Fordite but often present nothing more than hastily blended paints or resin beads with no connection to authentic automotive history. I stand by the authenticity of my work.

My journey with Fordite dates back to the 1970s when I was actively involved in our local rock club in Michigan. Back then, dedicated rockhounds employed in the auto industry would salvage chunks of dried, layered car paint from factory painting booths, a practice dating back to the late 1960s. This overspray paint, subjected to repeated baking in curing ovens, gained remarkable hardness and solidity. It was affectionately known then by various names such as "Fordite, Chryslerite, Buickite, Detroit Agate," but over the years Fordite has become the most widely recognized and cherished term.

I welcome you to also discover the captivating metaphysical properties of Fordite - renowned for its creative essence and expression. Symbolizing transformation and resilience, this unique material embodies the beauty of turning challenges into artistry. Its vivid colors and patterns radiate joy, bringing a sense of happiness and optimism to your life. Embrace its eco-conscious message, reminding us of the importance of sustainability, mindful consumption, recycling, and UPcycling. Cherished by collectors and enthusiasts for decades, Fordite's connection to automotive history adds to its allure. In metaphysical beliefs, it's associated with new car energy, making it a perfect talisman for safe journeys and protection on the road. It inspires creativity and artistic expression and is associated with the energy of innovation and freedom of movement, as it embodies the history and craftsmanship of the automotive industry. Fordite reminds us that challenges and setbacks can lead to growth, beauty, and prosperity if that is where we set our intention. As with any metaphysical properties, the effects and interpretations may vary among individuals based on personal resonance, beliefs, and experiences. Trust your own intuition and connection with fordite to understand its unique qualities and how it may support you on your personal spiritual journey. More will be revealed. --DVHdesigns

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