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DVH Dinosaur Bone Cabochon Fossil Dino Cab 28x20x5mm (5507)

DVH Dinosaur Bone Cabochon Fossil Dino Cab 28x20x5mm (5507)

$ 47.99

This is actual fossilized dinosaur bone from the area around the border of Colorado & Utah. Measurements are shown in millimeters in the listing title. Cut and polished by DVHdesigns in Portland, Oregon. Please check out all the items in my DVHdesigns Handmade Storefront and follow me on social. Thanks for shopping DVHdesigns!

The network pattern in this stone is made up of partitions formed by bands or columns of connective tissue, especially a plate of the calcareous tissue forming cancellous tissue. It is also known as cancellous bone, spongy bone or trabecular bone, where the marrow is found. It is characterized by its spongy, porous, honeycomb-like structure and is typically found at the ends of long bones.

Petrified dinosaur bone, a fossilized remains of ancient dinosaurs transformed into stone over millions of years, is renowned for its unique metaphysical properties. As a connection to the past, it's believed to carry the energy and wisdom of the ancient beings it once belonged to. This fossil is associated with grounding and stability, anchoring one to the present moment. Petrified dinosaur bone is thought to instill a sense of strength and courage, aiding in overcoming challenges. It's also considered a stone of transformation, helping individuals evolve and adapt to different stages in life. This fossil is appreciated not only for its historical significance but also for its potential metaphysical benefits.

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