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Spiritual Geology: From Crystal Healing to Crystal Meth. And Back to Healing

Here are 6 beads I made out of fossil ammonites from Madagascar.  I bought the fossils at the shows in Tucson in February and drilled them to have 2.5mm side drilled holes.  I continue on my path of #SpiritualGeology More will be revealed... 


6 Beads I made out of fossil ammonites from Madagascar.  



Satyrday, May 21st, 2022

What is your house built on?  Listening to Casey Kasem AT40 from the week of May 27th, 1972, drinking coffee, smoking weed, reading the Sermon on the Mount.  I came to the realization that crystal healing and crystal meth have the same problem.  A crisis of individual hyper focus on the ego form.  The effects of crystal healing are mild, placebo driven, and while they may be habit forming they rarely destroy lives. While the latter has intense, powerful, disruptive, and addictive effects.  We give our power to the ego nature of the crystal and in both cases they are false gods.  We are the dust of the earth and to dust we return.  We are stardust.  We are million year old carbon.  We can have crystals in the garden but whether they be mineral crystals of methamphetamine crystals, beware of false gods.  Build your house on the Rock and be careful of what crystals you put in your garden and how you decide to value them.  

#CrystalHealing #CrystalMeth #SpiritualGeology 

Matthew 7:24


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