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Chrysoprase Matte Finish Broken Heart Bead Pendant

I got this matte finish chrysoprase heart bead with a healed fracture and a vug in it a few weeks ago. I have been wearing it pretty much nonstop, even to bed. It's one of my new favorites! I feel it combines several unique elements that can contribute to its metaphysical properties.

The matte finish adds a tactile and grounding quality to the stone, promoting a sense of connection to the Earth and enhancing the stone's calming and soothing energies. The presence of a healed fracture in the chrysoprase heart bead symbolizes resilience, healing, and the ability to overcome challenges. It brings a sense of strength and transformation, supporting personal growth and emotional healing.

The vug within the healed fracture bears witness to our own wounding and all the wounding in the world. We help heal our wounds by witnessing them while not letting them control us. A vug works as a portal or opening for energy flow. It amplifies the stone's energetic properties, creating a focal point for intention setting, meditation, or connection with higher realms. I feel it enhances the stone's ability to facilitate emotional healing, promoting love and compassion

The combination of these elements in the chrysoprase heart bead make it a powerful tool for promoting emotional balance, supporting personal growth, and inviting positive energies into one's life. However, it's essential to remember that individual experiences and interpretations of metaphysical properties can vary, so it's always helpful to follow your own intuition and connection with the stone.

A green chrysoprase heart bead in a person's hand.  The bead has a healed fracture and a vug in it.

I will probably list this in my personal collection soon.  

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