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Chrysanthemum Stone (Porphyry) from the Pacific Northwet

bead Calligraphy Stone Chinese Writing Rock Chrysanthemum dvhdesigns focal bead pendant Porphyry stone

These focal beads were all made with material from the same piece of rough, which was found somewhere here in the Pacific Northwet.  It's a porphyry and what we're seeing is basiclally feldspar crystal clusters included in a black basalt.  When the clusters look like flowers it's called Chrysanthemum Stone and when they look like more random it's usually called Chinese Writing Rock or Calligraphy Stone.  All better marketing names than porphyry!  These will be listed soon, in the $30-$40 range, but if you're interested and direct message me BEFORE they get listed, I'll let any of them go for $25 each.  


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