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Portland Bead Society Commemorative Bead Arroyo Picture Jasper PBS 30

Portland Bead Society Commemorative Bead Arroyo Picture Jasper PBS 30

$ 35.00

I am honored to have had my entry selected as the winner for the Portland Bead Society 30th Anniversary limited edition bead competition!  For this competition I submitted a picturesque Arroyo Picture Jasper focal bead made with one of Oregon's classic picture jaspers from the high desert in the eastern part of the state.  Each bead is unique, like each member of the bead society, but they are all from the same kind of rock from the same mine here in Oregon.  Each one has had one side sandblasted with the initials PBS and with the number 30.  They are side drilled with a 2.5mm drill hole which I could enlarge to 3.5 if desired.  All have a matte finish.  

Bead Society members who wish to purchase a bead can do so here and have it shipped to them.  I realize that with each bead being slightly different some members may want to select a bead from the available stock.  Rather than list each one individually, make the purchase here and if you don't care which one you get and just want to be surprised, I will just send you one.  If you want to choose then MAKE A NOTE with your purchase or e-mail me at dvhdesigns@gmail.com and I will send you a picture with those that are currently available and you can pick from the picture of what is in stock.  Not all the beads in the promotional pics below are currently available so don't pick from that picture!  

NOTE:  I sold 7 of the 15 I made at the Bead Society Meeting in January.  This image is of the 8 that I have in stock right now, as of Wednesday 1/24/18

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