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Graves Mountain Lazulite Quartz Pyrite Heart Bead Georgia 45x35x13 (2796)

Graves Mountain Lazulite Quartz Pyrite Heart Bead Georgia 45x35x13 (2796)

$ 144.98

I hand cut this focal bead, measurements in the title, 2.5mm drill hole, freeform shape, polished finish, some pits and undercutting from inclusions. The quartz, pyrite, and lazulite are all very different hardness! Slight fractures in the quartzite are stable and normal in this material. A beautiful and unusual stone that would look good alone on a chain or strung with other complimentary beads. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.

This rare material is usually just referred to as Graves Mountain Lazulite. It comes from a private claim in Georgia that I hear is only open to collecting twice a year. The blue spots are pure lazulite crystals that may also be in the mineralogical range of scorzalite (I'm still looking into this). This is lazulite in its pure crystalline form. The grey material is a quartzite. The pyrite inclusions, and possibly mica, form INCREDIBLE glittery sparkles that really pop in bright light. Lazulite like this only comes from one place. Compare with other finished pieces for sale on the internet. You won't find much and this is one of my very last scraps.

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