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DVH Uvarovite Garnet Green Druzy Heart Russia Drusy 54x50x10 (4450)

DVH Uvarovite Garnet Green Druzy Heart Russia Drusy 54x50x10 (4450)

$ 148.99

A lovely freeform display heart I made out of rare, all natural, druzy Uvarovite green garnet from Russia. This one of a kind piece has a lovely covering of sparkling green garnet on the surface matrix.  Buff polish finished sides and back.  I only have a very few pieces of this rough material left! See the others in my store and compare with others listed online!  You'll find focal beads, chains, cabochons, and more in my DVHdesigns store!  

Uvarovite Garnet is a stunning druzy material from the Ural mountains. It was first discovered in 1832 by Germain Henri Hess and is named after Count Sergei Semenovitch Uvarov, a Russian statesman and amateur mineral collector. The tiny garnet crystals form on serpentine in chromite deposits. The chrome is the pigment that gives it the incredible emerald green color. In fact, chrome is the same pigment that makes emeralds green and that's the reason uvarovite is often mistaken for tiny, high quality emeralds.

For those interested in the metaphysics of Uvarovite Garnet, it has all the properties of a normal garnet. Here's some information I found online about the healing properties of uvarovite, "Uvarovite can heal the feeling of scarcity and “not enough” in all its aspects. IT may be about not having enough self confidence or power or love or knowledge or it’s about material wealth; Uvarovite aids in healing the feeling of not having enough. It aids in the opening up of the heart chakra and makes the wearer understand that everything in the universe is available to him when he needs it. Uvarovite helps the wearer to enhance the feeling of contentment and peace. It helps him to understand that the Universe is always there to give him what he needs in all kinds of needs including spiritual evolution. Uvarovite teaches a very important lesson of detachment which means that it helps in releasing all desires and enhancing the flow of universal energy."

This is what Melody has to say in her book, Love Is In the Earth, about the attributes specific to uvarovite..."This mineral helps one to recognize the universal, galactic/endless nature of the soul. Once that thought is recognized, the action can be taken to live with the connectedness of 'All That Is.' It furthers precision and acts to transform the energy of the intellectual sentiment into the energy of love, such that one may be as love. It bestows peace quiet, and solitude--without loneliness. It promotes clarity in the mental processes, stimulates the heart chakra, and provides for the enhancement of relationships via the fusion of the souls--one purpose, one mind." She goes on to say that "It also encourages patriotism." WOW!

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