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DVH Utah Spiderweb Picasso Marble Teardrop Cabochon 33x21x9 (5290)

DVH Utah Spiderweb Picasso Marble Teardrop Cabochon 33x21x9 (5290)

$ 14.88

Great patterns and shape in this special one-of-a-kind cabochon! I hand cut this teardrop cab which measures 33x21mm and is 9mm thick with a domed face, rounded edges, and a shiny, polished finish.

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Picasso Marble is a really wonderful stone that was first mined in Utah. I cut this using rough material from the original find in Utah that is noted for it's black, grey, brown, and tan colorings. This material is NOT to be confused with the majority of the "PICASSO JASPER" now on the market and all over eBay that is from China. The Chinese Picasso "Jasper" is really beautiful but it has reds and greens and other colors in it that make it distinctive from the Utah material. The Chinese material is also called "Cherry Creek Jasper."

The patternings in this material from UTAH are so unique with so many resembling bare tree branches on a dark night, that there is really nothing quite like it. One of those stones I've never gotten bored with! A lot of people call it Picasso Jasper, but it is a marble, NOT a jasper. Technically it is a metamorphosed limestone occurring in the form of a coarse to medium grained rock of re-crystallized dolomite or calcite. It is now mined in relatively large quantities and is commercially available. It is commonly cut into beads, cabs, donuts, spheres, and carvings. I really enjoy the earthiness and the patterning of this material. For some reason no one else seems quite able to bring the same qualities out of this stone that I do. My Picasso Marble beads are a big hit wherever I go and they have become somewhat of a staple and a signature stone here at DVHdesigns. I think that part of the attraction is that I've been cutting it for years and no matter how much I cut, no two are ever really alike.

For those interested in the metaphysics of stones, I will include a little bit of information on this stone from Melody, author of Love Is In The Earth. Among the properties she attributes to this beautiful stone are, "facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought such that one can implement the instructions provided, It assists one to traverse changes , attracting strength and perseverance.....It can help to provide clarity to the inner sight, instilling a passionless peace of imperturability via the annihilations of disturbing thoughts." She goes on to say that, "It acts to stimulate the circulatory system, to reduce anxiety and stress, and to assist in digestions, regulation, and metabolism. It has been used in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, cellular and organ toxicity, and to promote weight loss. " WOW! What a stone! Enjoy.

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