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DVH Thulite Matte Bead Pendant Norway Thule 25x18x11 (2478) - DVHdesigns

DVH Thulite Matte Bead Pendant Norway Thule 25x18x11 (2478)

$ 28.88

This is a really lovely natural pink, matte finish, freeform shaped bead pendant made out of Thulite from Norway. Hand cut in my studio, measurements in the listing title. Has a 2.5mm drill hole. Thulite is a pink or rose variety of zoisite, a member of the epidote group. It's a pretty and unusual stone. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.

This stone was origianlly discovered in Norway and is named for Norway’s ancient name. The Crystal Awareness Guide II by the Legion of Light has this to say about the meta-physical properties of thulite, "offers the message that true strength is found within vulnerability. Lighter shades communicate the softness and gentleness of love. Contributes to one’s positive emotional expression. Enhances concentration and intellectual power. Beneficially influences central nervous system, memory, pituitary gland, eyes, immune system, brain, Chakras: heart and root"

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