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DVH Sonora Sunrise Cuprite Healed Broken Heart Bead Pendant 55x44x19 (5453)

DVH Sonora Sunrise Cuprite Healed Broken Heart Bead Pendant 55x44x19 (5453)

$ 127.99

This stone is natural cuprite and matrix. A dramatic natural healed fracture runs through the stone and changes color as it runs through the cuprite and through the grey matrix. Part of my "Healed Broken Heart" series. I hand cut this freeform shaped bead pendant. Polished finish. Measurements are shown in the listing title in millimetres. 2.5mm drill hole. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.

I made this using a beautiful and striking stone called "Sonora Sunrise" that has only been on the market since around 2007. It is found in the Milpillas copper mine in Sonora, Mexico. Compare with other pieces for sale online and you'll see that DVHdesigns cut Sonora Sunrise stands out from the rest! I've never seen anyone else cut bead pendants out of this stuff like I do.

Metaphysically, The vibrant red cuprite symbolizes passion and vitality, while the grey matrix represents grounding and stability. The visible healed fracture running through the heart signifies resilience and the beauty of mending. This bead harmonizes opposing elements — the fiery energy of cuprite and the calming influence of the matrix. It serves as a reminder that, despite life's fractures, the mended heart is a testament to strength, love, and the beauty found in healing.

Here's some information on cuprite that I also found online... "Cuprite is an oxide mineral composed of copper(I) oxide Cu2O, and is a minor ore of copper.....It is a secondary mineral which forms in the oxidized zone of copper sulfide deposits. It frequently occurs in association with native copper, azurite, chrysocolla, malachite, tenorite and a variety of iron oxide minerals. It is known as ruby copper due to its distinctive red color....Cuprite was first described in 1845 and the name derives from the Latin cuprum for its copper content."

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