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DVH Sonora Sunrise Cuprite Broken Heart Bead 32x23x10mm (2202) - DVHdesigns

DVH Sonora Sunrise Cuprite Broken Heart Bead 32x23x10mm (2202)

$ 34.98

This piece is ALL cuprite without chrysocolla like most Sonora Sunrise. I hand cut this freeform heart shaped bead. It BROKE while cutting and I glued it back together with some gold powder infused epoxy, a la Japanese tradition of "kintsugi" but the golden repair isn't really obvious. Part of my "healed broken heart bead" series. It's bead as metaphor for emotional state. :) Measurements are shown in the listing title. Chain not included. I made this using a beautiful and striking stone called "Sonora Sunrise" that has only been on the market since around 2007. It is a mixture of wonderful turquoise colored, sky blue chrysocolla, firey orange-red cuprite, with black veins of tenorite. There are sometimes little dots of green that I believe to be brochantite and one dealer seems to claim that the massive blue is colored by brochantite as opposed to chrysocolla. They are ALL copper minerals, so who know's how God/dess's spun them together at their moment of creation! Mined in Sonora, Mexico. I've never seen anyone else cut beads out of this stuff! Compare with other pieces on eBay and the internet and you'll see that DVHdesigns cut Sonora Sunrise stands out from the rest! This would look great strung with complimentary turquoise, chrysocolla or other SouthWestern colored stone beads!al tool, attracting that which can satisfy ones physical needs...also used to alleviate worry..."


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