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DVH Seraphinite Shield Focal Bead 36x15x11 (8151)

DVH Seraphinite Shield Focal Bead 36x15x11 (8151)

$ 59.88

Stunning purple color with white, grey and black accents and unusual patterning combine to bring you a very beautiful Charoite focal bead. Handmade at the DVHdesigns studio in Portland, OR! I hand cut this focal bead which measures 61x24mm and is 13mm thick with a 2.5mm side drill hole. A freeform shape with a shiny, polished finish. I hope that you enjoy this beautiful and HARD to cut material. I don't have much and I don't like to cut it! This is one of the first pieces I've cut in almost 10 years! Nice swirls of chatoyance.

Chain not included. See the rest of my listings in my DVHdesigns Etsy shop AND my Ebay store for more focal beads, custom cut cabochons, cold worked glass, genuine jet mourning beads, sterling chains just for beads, and more! Also, feel free check out my DVHdesigns website where you can see what I'm up to in the studio, as well as learn more about me, my work, and my upcoming show-lecture schedule.

Charoite is a massive and strikingly beautiful ornamental rock from Yakutsk, Russia, was introduces in the United staes in the 1970's and was immediately ranked as a major lapidary material. The attractive colors range from bright lavender, violet and lilac to dark purple with swirling patterns of black Augite, transparent crystals of microcline feldspar, and/or orange Tinaksite.

Here is some metaphysical information I found online on the Shimmerlings website which is a great resource...

"Charoite is often called a 'stone of transformation' as well as a stone of power. In particular it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings. As a part of the transformation process it allows release of those negative emotions, so one can change and move forward. Charoite is also known as a stone of inspiration, bringing enhanced creativity, spiritual grown and showing new possibilities in even the oldest situations. This is a stone that allows one to see clearly which brings with it enhanced self-esteem and helps release one from many victimizations. Charoite is known to enhance or bring courage, inner strength or appropriate assertiveness. In the psychic realm it is used for entity release and rescue work, as well as clairvoyance and prophesy."

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