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DVH Rare Red Moroccan DRUZY QUARTZ Teardrop Cabochon 39x26x6 (6948)

DVH Rare Red Moroccan DRUZY QUARTZ Teardrop Cabochon 39x26x6 (6948)

$ 48.98

A lovely teardrop cabochon that I custom cut using druzy quartz specimen from Morocco. Also known as Berber Agate Druzy. Measurements are in the listing title. The back and sides are polished. A great piece for the creative jeweler to work with! About 15+ years ago I got a great deal on a quantity of drusy quartz on mostly red agate bases from Morocco. I bought all he had, 14 flats, and in the past years I have rarely if ever seen anyone else with this unusual drusy, even in Tucson. Most of this material is from thin shelled geodes and pseudomorphs (the agate and drusy formed around something else that eroded away or dissipated long ago). The base agate is usually a really nice brilliant brick red with all sorts of unusual drusy quartz formations on top of it. I think that this material is some of the most interesting drusy I’ve ever seen and I don’t really know anyone else who has a supply of this material and is cutting it. The drusy formed in all sorts of little botryoidal bubbles, starbursts, and unusual flowing formations. The colors of the material can range from the brick red of the underlying agate to grays, mauves, whites, tans, taupes, and all sorts of bizarre earthy colors. This stone adds real sparkle and dimension to jewelry while still maintaining a bizarre, organic quality to it. If you want to see ALL of my inventory of custom cut focal beads, cabochons, chains, and jewelry you will find all of it on my website. I have bargain auctions in my eBay store at least once a month. I have an Etsy store as well as the website, but Etsy will only showcase the most recent 4 months work, while the entire stock will always be on the website. Sign up for my mailing list from the website, where you can also see my show and lecture schedule. Feel free to like my DVHdesigns page on Facebook where you can see my complete inventory as well!

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