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DVH Rare Covellite Cabochon Alaska Natural Superconductor 31x15x5mm (2190) - DVHdesigns

DVH Rare Covellite Cabochon Alaska Natural Superconductor 31x15x5mm (2190)

$ 44.98

A great freeform shaped, custom cut CABOCHON of a rare material. It is almost impossible to get good cutting rough in. I made this out of a small amount of Covellite from ALASKA that I got in Tucson this year! This one dealer in Alaskan minerals had a few pieces of self collected covellite. Other than him, I have never seen any that didn't come from Montana or Peru! I hand cut this piece. Measurements in the title. It has a shiny, polished finish. Interesting matrix, some bits of white may be quartz. It is very dense and would make a really dramatic piece of jewelry. Also great for the mineral-mining-metal collector.

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This amazing blue metallic material is called covellite and mostly comes from mine dumps in Butte, Montana, although some of this new material is found in Peru. The material I just got was collected over 25 years ago by a rockhound off of mine dumps at an old copper mine in Alaska. What I know of this material is the following story.

Copper sulfide was mined in Montana during World War II for its metal content. After the war the mine flooded and it wasn’t economical to pump it out and keep it going so it was totally shut down. In the 1950’s and 1960’s rock hounds collected all the material possible from the mine dumps and that was it. No more. This material only comes up for sale when some old rock hound dies or sells off his collection and a small quantity might become available. Recently small amounts have come out of Peru, and I've only ever seen the the few pieces of material from Alaska that I got. June Culp Zeitner of Lapidary Journal has this to say about Covellite in her book on Gem and Lapidary Materials, "Lustrous and iridescent, this indigo blue material can be used for splendid cabochons. …. A few years ago a suite of pyrite spangled cabochons caused a minor sensation at the Tucson show. The largest of the cabochons was 25 carats. Because of its low hardness and its inclusions of varying hardness, covellite should be finished with diamond compounds. It is NOT OFTEN AVAILABLE." (emphasis mine.) A great stone for the jeweler or collector who must have the rarest and most unusual materials.

Metaphysically, this is what Melody has to say about covellite in her book, Love Is In The Earth, "...has been used successfully to stimulate the third-eye and to initiate psychic power....enhances ones communications skills and stimulates a positive outlook...helps one to be reflective and acts as a mirror, showing one the defective reasoning which leads to problems...heals the wounds of vanity...assists in matters of birth and rebirth" and much more!

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