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DVH Pyrite Crystal Cube Focal Bead Natural China Fools Gold 22x21x19mm (9933)

DVH Pyrite Crystal Cube Focal Bead Natural China Fools Gold 22x21x19mm (9933)

$ 9.98

I hand selected a bunch of these pyrite crystal nuggets when I was in Tucson and drilled them myself. Cubic shaped focal bead of Chinese pyrite with a 2.5mm side-drilled hole and naturally surfaced faces. Measurements are in the listing title.

CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. I have a variety of chains for sale in my store in different styles and lengths. Most, but not all, chains will fit most of my beads. If you want a specific chain for a specific bead check first. Feel free to check out all the items here in my DVHdesigns Store and don't hesitate to contact me with general inquiries or about custom work that I could make and list for you. Thanks for shopping DVHdesigns!

Here is some information on the metaphysical properties of pyrite that I found on the Shimmerlings website, which is a great resource for that kind of stuff! "Pyrite helps one to communicate more openly and honestly, providing both emotional and physical protection. If you are indecisive, or unsure about something, carry a pyrite with you as a touchstone to help boost your self confidence. The reflective qualities of the stone make it a wonderful meditation or divination tool….just as the ancient Inca’s used it."

"Pyrite increases physical stamina, stimulates the intellect and helps to transform thought into intelligent action. It is a wonderful stone for use in wealth magic or assisting in manifestation of needed energies. An excellent shield-stone, pyrite removes negativity from the aura to help one concentrate."

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