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DVH Petoskey Stone Heart Sculpture Paper Weight Michigan 53x41x26 (3229)

DVH Petoskey Stone Heart Sculpture Paper Weight Michigan 53x41x26 (3229)

$ 48.99

I hand cut and polished this heart shaped Petoskey stone.  This is a genuine fossil coral Petoskey stone from Michigan that I collected as a kid.  It is not that beige agatized coral from Indonesia that many sell as a kind fake Petoskey stone!   Measurements in the title in millimeters.  

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Growing up in a rock club in Michigan I certainly gained an appreciation for Petoskey stone, the state stone. I still have a few pounds of the rough to show for it too! Petoskey stone is a fossilized coral from ancient sea beds. It’s a calcium carbonate fossilization of a coral called "Hexagonaria percarinata" to be exact. 350 MILLION years old! A pretty soft stone but known and enjoyed throughout the midwest and appreciated by Michiganders everywhere. 

Metaphysically Petoskey stone has all the same attributes that any fossil or coral would, and those have plenty of attributes as it is. In her book Love Is In The Earth, Melody writes that she believes it "stimulates the third-eye and the intuitive levels of the inner self. It helps one toward psychic awareness and enhances the awareness of the emotions. It provides for the protection of the area of, and around, the head and energizes both the crown chakra and the third eye." She goes on to say, "Petoskey stone discourages infections and infectious dis-ease, eliminates the possibility of mischievous spirits channel incorrect information, and can bring promotion and actualization to one creative endeavors." Wow.


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