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DVH Pair of Sahara Desert Fulgurite Tube Natural Surface Freeform Focal Beads 40x22x17 (5144) - DVHdesigns

DVH Pair of Sahara Desert Fulgurite Tube Natural Surface Freeform Focal Beads 40x22x17 (5144)

$ 48.88

This matched pair of fulgurite beads each measures about 40x22x17mm and would be cool alone or incorporated with other delicate beads. You can find hollow fulfurites cheaper but they haven't been strength tested by an experienced lapidary bead maker to see that they're more durable than your average fulgurite. Still fragile, but stronger than normal!

According to the wikipedia, "Fulgurites (from the Latin fulgur, meaning "thunderbolt") are a variety of the mineraloid lechatelierite. Sometimes referred to as petrified lightning, they are natural hollow glass tubes formed by lightning strikes in quartzose sand, silica, or soil." When I was at the gem & mineral trade shows in Tucson in February 2015 I found a dealer with good prices on fulgurites and I sorted through hundreds of them to find a few dozen or so that are hollow and strong enough to be used as BEADS! These were collected in Algeria. I have sanded the ends flat and smooth. While I did select these for their strength, they ARE thin natural glass and should be handled carefully. Since they are glass and the insides can be rough, I recommend stringing them with wire and not thread. See below for more information on these unusual and natural beads!

Chain not included. See the rest of my listings in my DVHdesigns Etsy shop AND my Ebay store for more focal beads, custom cut cabochons, genuine jet mourning beads, sterling chains just for beads, and more! Also, feel free check out my DVHdesigns website where you can see what I'm up to in the studio, as well as learn more about me, my work, and my upcoming show-lecture schedule.

More from Wikipedia..."Fulgurites are formed when lightning with a temperature of at least 1,800 °C (3,270 °F) instantaneously melts silica on a conductive surface and fuses grains together; the fulgurite tube is the cooled product. This process occurs over a timespan of around one second, and leaves evidence of the lightning path and its dispersion over the surface or into the earth….The color varies depending on the composition of the sand they formed in, ranging from black or tan, to green or a translucent white. The interior is normally very smooth or lined with fine bubbles; the exterior is generally coated with rough sand particles and is porous. They are rootlike in appearance and often show branching or small holes."

For those interested in the metaphysics of fulgurites, here is some information I found online through a google search, "Fulgurites are natural glass, usually tubular, formed by lightning strikes in sand or rock. Fulgurites are high energy formations do to the nature of their birth. They are particularly noted for their ability to channel and direct energy. Fulgurites have been used to communicate with aliens and entities, or ascended beings in the spirit world. They are often used for clairaudience. Fulgurites are also used to enhance communication in the physical world, and are used as stones of leadership."

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