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DVH Owyhee Jasper Matte Finish Shield Cabochon 31x22x3 (4812)

DVH Owyhee Jasper Matte Finish Shield Cabochon 31x22x3 (4812)

$ 16.88

I hand cut this shield shaped cabochon which measures 31x22mm and is 3mm thick. It has a satiny, matte finish finish. I bought one fist sized chunk of this stone from a rockhound estate sale down in Tucson in February 2008. It was the only piece of this material on a table FULL of ALL different kinds of cutting rough spread out on 3 tables. The rockhound selling it wasn't sure what it was, but he said he thought it might be something called "chocolate" jasper, which I think he might just have made up on the spot! Well it's NOT a jasper, more on the hardness of picasso marble. While it has the distinctive plumage of Owyhee Jasper from Eastern Oregon, again, it's not quite the same and not a jasper. But it sure cuts a nice patterned stone! Any help in identifying it further is appreciated. There are quite a few varieties of picture jasper and I have trouble keeping track of them all!

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Melody has this to say this about Picture Jasper in general, "It is a stone of proportion and harmony. It stimulates creative visualization and enables one to understand the basic functioning of "unknown" advanced civilizations. It can be used to further both the development and continuance of business pursuits and to provide for coordination of activities leading to increase. Picture Jasper helps to bring hidden thoughts, griefs, fears, and hopes to the surface so that one may face the cause of disorders."

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