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DVH Michigan Copper Firebrick Heart Cabochon Keweenaw 41x32x7 (4980)

DVH Michigan Copper Firebrick Heart Cabochon Keweenaw 41x32x7 (4980)

$ 37.99

Michigan copper firebrick from the Keweenaw Peninsula! I made this one of a kind, custom cut cabochon from a chunk of copper saturated firebrick that came from a copper smelter in the U.P. Shiny finish but note that like any real copper or silver, this material will tarnish. A quick wipe with a polishing cloth brings back the shine!

This material is described by the Kingsley North catalog as follows, "Firebrick is from the old, hand-fired copper smelter of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Co., at Hubbell, Michigan. Hubbell is on the Keweenaw Peninsula, also known as the Copper Country. The Old hand-fired smelter was built in 1885-1886. But, by the end of the mid-1920's, furnace were added. The smelter continued to operate until 1968. It was than closed and dismantled from 1968-1973. Over the years, the smelting process resulted in the firebrick absorbing molten copper and other metals from the ore charge. When the smelter was torn down, local rockhounds and lapidaries quickly discovered that the copper impregnated bricks made beautiful clocks, bookends and jewelry. What you have here is a rare piece of Michigan history." 

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