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DVH Metal Mineral Mohawkite Teardrop Cabochon 49x39x4 (8233) - DVHdesigns

DVH Metal Mineral Mohawkite Teardrop Cabochon 49x39x4 (8233)

$ 199.98

I hand cut this freeform shaped cabochon with a nice polish. Measurements are shown in millimeters in the listing title.  It shows exceptional patterning.  . A really nice piece that would look great worked into a creative piece of art jewelry!

Mohawkite is a metal mineral from the Mohawk copper mine on the upper peninsula of Michigan.  It is primarily composed of copper and arsenic with traces of nickel and cobalt.  On freshly polished surfaces it appears silvery and can acquire a brownish tarnish with areas of iridescence over time.  You can shine it right back up with a polishing cloth.  If you don't want it to tarnish over time, hit it with a quick shot of an acrylic fixative spray.  I happen to like the way it oxidizes. The chemistry of mohawkite is so unusual for a copper ore that the mine initially had to ship ore to Wales for smelting because no smelter in North America could process it!

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