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DVH Matte Green River Rock Heart Bead Pendant Oregon 40x30x20 (4381)

DVH Matte Green River Rock Heart Bead Pendant Oregon 40x30x20 (4381)

$ 29.99

I hand cut this focal bead out of an unsual river rock that was green with red fracture lines found here in Oregon. Measurements in the title. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. A freeform heart shape with a satin matte finish. It is a "Wishing Stone" that I found somewhere here in the Pacific Northwet. A "Wishing Stone" is a stone that has a white line all the way through it and all the way around it. Often found with a white line that is usually quartz and the darker material is often basalt. Other colors are much more rare.

People often find these around riverbeds or shorelines. When one finds them some people believe that if you trace the line with your finger, make a wish, and throw them in the water your wish will come true. The geological feature is what is called an intrusive dike, where the white stone "intruded" into a break in the other stone and made what is called in geological terms a "dike." It's Mother Nature's way of healing a rock that has been broken. When I find these stones I like to term them into heart beads as a part of my "healed broken heart" series. The break is beautiful and often stronger than the parts of the rock that remained unbroken. I use these as meditations on the healing of heart ache and heart break. I hope you appreciate them as much as I enjoy making them.

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