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DVH Leopard Jasper Matte Dog Tag Bead Dangle 49x26x6mm (9520)

DVH Leopard Jasper Matte Dog Tag Bead Dangle 49x26x6mm (9520)

$ 22.88

I'm a big fanatic about all forms of "puss prints": leopard, cheetah, jaguar, tiger, etc. prints, and I think it is truly a timeless pattern, so naturally I like to see it in stone! I custom cut this beautiful, ONE OF A KIND, highly contrasted, dog tag shaped bead dangle. Measurements are shown in the listing title and it has a 4.5mm front drill hole. It has a satiny, matte finish. It has lots of cool spots swimming like amoeba patterns against a fleshy matrix. The rough material is from South Africa. It is an orbicular jasper. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. Here is some metaphysical information about Leopard Jasper that I got off the internet, "There are many types of jasper; it is one of the oldest known gemstones. It is mentioned in the Bible several times. All jaspers are strong securing, stability stones. It is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to have in your home. Leopard skin jasper is associated with shamans." Feel free to check out all the items in my DVHdesigns Handmade Storefront and once there you can contact me with general inquiries or about a custom order. Thanks for shopping DVHdesigns!

My "Dog tags" are inspired by military style dog tags. They make great talismans and touchstones for anyone and everyone, regardless of your feelings about the military. We are all created from the dust of the earth and to dust we shall return. In some ways I think of these as a kind of "God Tag" with each pendant being a biopsy of the body of the Earth from which all of us have sprung as a result of the miracle of creation, regardless of our opinion on the power or path behind that creation. A "God Tag" can show that you are a warrior for the Earth and not any particular nation. It can represent anything you want, from being a touchstone for someone who wants to contemplate the metaphysical or spiritual aspects of stones, to a rockhound who loves having a fashionable and American made sample of the beauty of the Earth to wear around their neck! Check out my other listings on eBay and Etsy to see all my different dog tags, custom cut focal beads, and unique cabochons. Everything is cut in my studio in Portland, Oregon.

The bead is NOT engraveable, so if you would like to personalize it, I would recommend getting an engraveable dog from the separate listing in my eBay or Etsy stores! If you would like to know more about the history of dog tags, it's all in wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_tag

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