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DVH K2 Blue "Jasper" Azurite in Granite Custom Pendant 55x18x11 (3111)

DVH K2 Blue "Jasper" Azurite in Granite Custom Pendant 55x18x11 (3111)

$ 32.99

I hand cut this freeform shaped bead and left it with a satiny matte finish. I made it out of a new blue orbicular granite which is completely NATURAL and UNTREATED! This material is from Pakistan and the blue spots are from azurite inclusions. The rough material is being marketed as "K2 Blue Jasper" by the Pakistani source and the American importer, after the mountain K2, second highest in the world, which is in the region where this new material is found. I'm not sure why they call it a jasper when it is clearly a granite (and they know this). They say they have had it tested and the blue orbs are azurite and not lazulite or another blue mineral. However I just read from one University chemist source online who swears that he has tested the blue bits and they are NOT azurite but he has yet to determine what they are! A true one of a kind. The indigo blue dots are like Himalayan poppies!

CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. I have a variety of chains for sale in my store in different styles and lengths. Most, but not all, chains will fit most of my beads. If you want a specific chain for a specific bead check first. Feel free to check out all the items here in my DVHdesigns Store and don't hesitate to contact me with general inquiries or about custom work that I could make and list for you. Thanks for shopping DVHdesigns!

Here is some metaphysical information on Granite from the book Love Is In The Earth by Melody, ""Granite can be used to enable one to “see the big picture” instead of being in the mind-set to “see the puddle, when there is an ocean awaiting.” It helps to banish the negative traits of skepticism and to train the user in the difference between beliefs and “knowing”. It helps one to maintain balance in relationships and cooperative efforts, facilitating diplomacy and discretion in all matters, while eliminating negativity with ease. It has been revered as a “sacred, magical stone”, affording protection and increase to the user. It has been reported that Granite also brings an increase in money; the mineral inducing recognition of, and generous overtures to, the user while allowing for continuity in modesty by the user. Granite can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with hair, face and head. Astrological Sign of Libra -Vibrates to the number 2"

This stone would also have the metaphysical properties of azurite, and here is some information on that subject that I online....

"It is a beautiful deep blue stone that awakens the third eye, increases contact with your spiritual guides and heightens your psychic awareness....The name azurite comes from the word azure, which comes from lazhaward meaning blue, it is often used in jewelry and also collected as a beautiful mineral specimen....Azurite is called the "stone of heaven" as it is said to aid in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and guides you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences....It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily, as well as enhancing prophesy and divination. Azurite can help control the flow of energy and bring just the right amount of it to any situation.....Azurite enhances creativity, as well as inspiration and intuition. It aids in building confidence as spiritual cleansing. It is quite useful when studying for exams as it helps one to retain information."

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