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DVH Jet Mourning Jewelry Broken Heart Bead Coal Tennessee 33x22x13mm (2207) - DVHdesigns

DVH Jet Mourning Jewelry Broken Heart Bead Coal Tennessee 33x22x13mm (2207)

$ 39.98

Jet from Tennessee.  This broke while I was making it and I glued it back together with epoxy and gold mica powder.  It's a little bit #kintsugi #Kintsukuroi, although in tighter parts of the glue job it may not be visible.  These "healed broken mourning hearts" are bead pendant as metaphor and talisman.  I hand cut focal bead made out of genuine jet.  Measurements in the title.  2.5mm drill hole.  CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  I work in a variety of natural jet from around the world but most of it is from Russia or Tennessee. The most famous jet is from Whitby, England but rough material from there is nearly impossible to get.  Jet is a kind of gem grade lignite coal that has been used in beads and jewelry for over 15,000 years. It reached its biggest popularity during Victorian times as traditional mourning jewelry. For this reason it is still associated metaphysically with alleviating grief and depression. It is also said to help with financial stability.  Historically it was thought to bring good luck.  The myth of coal in the stocking for being bad comes from the Italian tradition of the Christmas witch La Befana, who herself may have come from the ancient Roman goddess Strenua. During the 19th century most people in Europe heated with coal, so for poor people getting coal in the stocking meant getting fuel to keep warm and cook with!  May we fossil fuel fools learn more about these fossil fuel jewels!  

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