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DVH Genuine Lignite Coal 2oz Gift Box Tennessee Mineral Specimen Carbon Crystals

DVH Genuine Lignite Coal 2oz Gift Box Tennessee Mineral Specimen Carbon Crystals

$ 9.99

Step into a world where history meets metaphysical wonder - with our unique offering of genuine lignite coal chunks sourced from the heart of SE Tennessee. This isn't just any coal; it's a tangible connection to the energy that fueled the rise of modern civilization. Imagine holding in your hands the very essence that transformed our world!

Packaged in a sustainable, recycled paper gift box, these 2-ounce parcels of coal chunks are as much a conversation starter as they are a powerful metaphysical tool. Each box is a doorway to the past, a past where jet, a gem-grade lignite coal, was worn as mourning jewelry during Victorian times and massive burning of coal made the energy, steel, and resources of the modern era. Today, it's an embodiment of the potential for change - a 'fossil fuel jewel' that holds the promise of grief support, abundance, luck, and prosperity.

But that's not all! According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, each ounce of this coal carries an estimated energy content of over 1,000 British Thermal Units (Btu). That's a cosmic energy source right at your fingertips. It’s enough to boil a kettle of water, run a cell phone for 12 hours, and ready to enhance and activate the other crystals in your collection.

Picture this: Every American's daily share of burned coal in the United States is about 10 pounds. That’s per person, per day, EVERY DAY just to keep this country running! That 10 pounds of coal yields about 30 pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere! These 2-ounce coal boxes embody more than just energy; they're a call to action, a reminder of our impact on the planet, and an inspiration to shape a sustainable future. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast, a seeker of unique collectibles, or a change-maker looking to ignite conversations, these coal specimens from DVHdesigns speak volumes about our relationship with the Earth and the power we hold to create change.

Unlock the magic, embrace the energy, and join us on a journey to reimagine the value of fossil fuels in a rapidly changing world. Dive into the transformational energy of lignite coal and explore more in our DVHdesigns store - where a LOVE of nature's hidden treasures and a practice of Spiritual Geology awaits your discovery!

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