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DVH Freshwater "Chicken Foot" Chinese Pearl Focal Bead 34x32x9 (8196) - DVHdesigns

DVH Freshwater "Chicken Foot" Chinese Pearl Focal Bead 34x32x9 (8196)

$ 25.88

This is a lovely and unusual freshwater pearl from China.  I love these because they remind me of peace signs (or chicken feet)! These are undyed, natural pearls.

I have a friend who is a Chinese American pearl dealer and have been buying from him for years. He goes directly to the freshwater pearl farms in SE China to buy the best and most unusual pearls. I carefully hand select pearls from him and drill 2mm holes in them so that they can be strung on thin chains or leather cord. If they are white in color they have been bleached and if they are pinkish in tone they are the natural color. None of the pearls I work with have been dyed and artificial color. I don't get many of these so get them now while they're still in stock!


Here's some metaphysical information about pearls that I found online....

"The pearl’s magical properties are said to allow a person to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of one’s “true self.” They are believed to enlighten the mind and inspire the mood, while helping the wearer to learn to love herself more and, in turn, help her love others more, as well. "


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