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DVH Fossil Walrus Oosik Polished Oval Cabochon 41x24x7 (6965)

DVH Fossil Walrus Oosik Polished Oval Cabochon 41x24x7 (6965)

$ 32.88

Fossil ivory and bone from walrus and mammoth is perfectly LEGAL to buy, work, sell, and wear almost everywhere in United States.  However, there are now fossil specific sales bans in NY, NJ, CA, and HI.  We won't ship to those states, nor will we ship overseas.  Sorry.

A really unique, oval shaped cabochon made out of old oosik! Measures 41x24x7mm. Polished finish all around. Has a rich bone color, with some minor pigmentation from being buried in the permafrost of Alaska for ages. A perfect gift for someone who wants to channel male energy or the spirit of the walrus!

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Oosik is the penile bone, or baculum, of the walrus. This material is collected by Alaskan Natives and can only be gathered for a few months every summer during the thaw. The coloration depends on how well it is preserved and what minerals might have been present where it was found. It is anywhere from several hundred to thousands of years old. NO CONTEMPORARY walrus was killed for this material. It is excavated material, not hunted, and purchasing or owning it doesn't violate any marine mammal protection laws.

If you are interested in the metaphysical powers of walrus as an animal spirit guide, here is some information I found online, " Call on Walrus energy when: You feel the need for more physical affection; You need to be more aware of your physical surroundings; You want to relax & feel more positive about a financial situation. Walrus medicine teaches us: To be aware of our surroundings, yet not be so cautious as to push people away; That we, too, are social animals & need others for hugs; comfort & to keep us grounded- in addition to physical protection; To prepare & store for the future."

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