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DVH Fordite Earrings Ford F150 Truck KC Assembly 33mm Rd Sterling (5333)

DVH Fordite Earrings Ford F150 Truck KC Assembly 33mm Rd Sterling (5333)

$ 71.99

These earrings are hand made out of genuine Fordite from a Ford truck factory! Measurements are in the title in millimeters. Sterling silver findings.  Shipped in a gift box with Certificate of Authenticity. I also have Fordite pendants, beads, cabochons, earrings, & specimens in my other listings. This Fordite is contemporary.  It is accumulated paint overspray from the Ford Kansas City Assembly in Claycomo, Missouri where they make the F150.  

I've been cutting varieties of Fordite for over 40 years.  Contrary to what had been believed for decades about the unavailability of new rough due to manufacturing changes, there is SOME contemporary rough that is collected and occasionally available to lapidary folks like me. I have a good stock to work with that I got from reputable dealers who assured me of its provenance.  Compare mine with other Fordite for sale on the internet! Much of it is fake and either "handmade" by just pouring pretty colors of paint together that are clearly not automotive paint colors of ANY era, or they're just striped resin beads made in China. It's not genuine Fordite.  I guarantee the authenticity of my work.  I was heavily involved in our local rock club in Michigan during the 1970's.  Rockhounds who worked in the auto industry would collect chunks of this dried, layered car paint from the factory painting booths at least as early as the late 1960's. This paint overspray build up had been baked repeatedly in curing ovens making it relatively hard and solid. It was sold at local rock and gem shows as "Fordite, Chryslerite, Buickite, Detroit Agate, etc." Fordite was by far the most common and popular name and over the years has come to be used for all industrial paint oversprays used in the jewelry trade. Those old rockhounds from back in the day would never believe what has become of their favorite novelty faux gemstone!

Discover the captivating metaphysical properties of Fordite - a faux gemstone renowned for its creative essence and expression. Symbolizing transformation and resilience, this unique material embodies the beauty of turning challenges into artistry. Its vivid colors and patterns radiate joy, bringing a sense of happiness and optimism to your life. Embrace its eco-conscious message, reminding us of the importance of sustainability, mindful consumption, recycling, and UPcycling. Cherished by collectors and enthusiasts for decades, Fordite's connection to automotive history adds to its allure. In metaphysical beliefs, it's associated with new car energy, making it a perfect talisman for safe journeys and protection on the road. It inspires creativity and artistic expression and is associated with the energy of innovation and freedom of movement, as it embodies the history and craftsmanship of the automotive industry. Fordite reminds us that challenges and setbacks can lead to growth, beauty, and prosperity if that is where we set our intention. More will be revealed.  --DVHdesigns

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