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DVH Fairy Hag Stone Concretion Fossil Grass Hole Goddess Quebec 70x59x11 (5074)

DVH Fairy Hag Stone Concretion Fossil Grass Hole Goddess Quebec 70x59x11 (5074)

$ 27.99

Natural stone formation with a natural hole where fossil horsetail grass was growing millenia ago. This hole wasn't worn through or drilled through, it was where the shaft of the plant stalk was, making this a unique fairy stone that is also a hag stone with a "grass hole." Looking through the hole allows one access to visions of other dimensions. Measurements in title in millimeters.

The energy and imagery of this piece is amazing. I found one vendor at the trade shows in Tucson that had lots of these Fairy stones and I picked through thousands to get only the best quality with the most dramatic forms. Color may darken up from your body oils as you handle it. This is a completely natural stone formation, a calcium carbonate concretion that formed through bacterial residue which grew around organic remains. They are found in Abitibi, Quebec, Canada. Some of the native Algonquin people of the area and many others believe that these stones protect against bad spirits and bring good health and prosperity. Geologically they are very young and formed sometime between a few thousand years ago and the Quaternary period 2.5 million years ago so they are very young geologically. Pierre Gonin wrote of these… “Fairy Stones were originally made of bacterial residue which grew around organic remains. The matter that could not be absorbed was released into gelatinous form, deposited on the lake bottom in concentric shapes. Contact with limestone from the water hardened it into stones. When they spread, they often fused together and some reached very large sizes. Sometimes plant filaments, mainly from horsetail, embedded and fossilized with the conglomeration. The name Fairy Stone was given by the Algonquin people who could not believe it was natural.” They show the interconnection between living things and rocks. They have a strong connection to the healing energies of the planet. See more of these in my web store that are made into beads and pendants! Feel free to check out all the items in my DVHdesigns Handmade Storefront and once there you can contact me with general inquiries or about a custom order. Thanks for shopping DVHdesigns!

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