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DVH Coprolite Pseudo Fossil Bead Petrified Poop 31x26x23mm (9912) - DVHdesigns

DVH Coprolite Pseudo Fossil Bead Petrified Poop 31x26x23mm (9912)

$ 19.99

A funny, natural finished, focal bead I made out of "coprolite" found in Washington state. It's not actual fossil poop, although most people think it is. Science has finally shown that these are iron rich siderite & limenite concretions. See below for more info. 2.5mm drill hole. You KNOW someone you'd like to give this to as a gift, don't you? ;)

CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. I have a variety of chains for sale in my store in different styles and lengths. Most, but not all, chains will fit most of my beads. If you want a specific chain for a specific bead check first. Feel free to check out all the items here in my DVHdesigns Store and don't hesitate to contact me with general inquiries or about custom work that I could make and list for you. Thanks for shopping DVHdesigns!

"Excrement-shaped masses of siderite and limonite have been reported from clay-rich sedimentary rocks that range in age from Late Permian to Holocene. These objects have been widely accepted as being coprolites, but the ferruginous composition, absence of internal inclusions, and scarcity of
associated vertebrate remains suggest that they may instead be pseudofossils created by mechanical deformation of plastic sediment. Possible abiotic mechanisms include
coseismic liquefaction, intrusion of sediment into hollow logs, or expulsion of sediment in response to gravity. Alternatively, carbon stable isotope ratios indicate that sediment extrusion may have been related to emission of biogenic methane during early stages of diagenesis."--George E. Mustoe

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