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DVH Chinese Writing Rock Matte Freeform Cabochon 65x14x4 (8382)

DVH Chinese Writing Rock Matte Freeform Cabochon 65x14x4 (8382)

$ 14.98

A  matte finished, teardrop shaped cabochon made out of Chinese Writing Rock, also known as Calligraphy Stone. Sometimes the feldspar crystals in this black granite make actual symbols or simple words as in this case with the Greek letter Pi! I like to leave this material with a soft, satiny matte finish. It has a wonderful feel to it and the grain of the stone doesn't take a super high polish anyway. I think not trying to polish it enhances the pattern and the tactile nature of the stone.

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This material is from Australia that I was just able to get in Tucson in February of 2011. Nice off-white to greenish, phenocrysts of orthoclase feldspar on a background of finer grained greenish-dark gray granite. The phenocysts are what make up the "Calligraphy" although they can form in all sorts of patterns. Technically this stone is called a "porphyritic granite" and variations of this granite are found all over the world. A really stunning and unusual stone much loved for the random beauty and stark contrast of the patterning

New Age Gemstone expert Melody says in her book "Love Is In the Earth" that Chinese Writing rock "is an excellent stone for dreaming, assiting one in dream states..." and "It is a stone for re-affirmation, re-alignment, and re-commitment."

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