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DVH Chinese Writing Rock Bead Pendant Calligraphy Stone NW (2808)

DVH Chinese Writing Rock Bead Pendant Calligraphy Stone NW (2808)

$ 34.98

I hand cut this focal bead. Measurements and source of the rough material are in the title. A freeform shape with a satiny, matte finish. This stone gets its name from the way the included crystals seem to emulate the characters and calligraphy of Chinese script. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED. All my rough material like this came from either the Pacific Northwet (usually California, but also elsewhere in the Cascades) or Australia. The Australian material is more common in the global trade and the crystals are smaller than the stuff that is rockhounded here in the NW. New Age Gemstone expert Melody says in her book "Love Is In the Earth" that Chinese Writing rock "is an excellent stone for dreaming, assiting one in dream states..." and "It is a stone for re-affirmation, re-alignment, and re-commitment."

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