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DVH Bloodstone Heliotrope Fancy Jasper Matte Bead Pendant 52x16x14mm (1649) - DVHdesigns

DVH Bloodstone Heliotrope Fancy Jasper Matte Bead Pendant 52x16x14mm (1649)

$ 68.98

 I hand cut this one of a kind, matte finish bead out of a lovely, great quality piece of Bloodstone from India. Measurements are in the title in mm.  Bloodstone, also called heliotrope, has been revered since ancient times.  One myth has it that the red dots represent the blood of Christ.  See below for more info! This all natural stone is deep forest green and classic little red dots.  This came from one small chunk of quality rough I got.    


Here is info from Wikipedia about heliotrope, 
"The mineral aggregate heliotrope, also known as bloodstone, is a variety of jasper or chalcedony (which is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz). The "classic" bloodstone is green jasper (chalcedony) with red inclusions of hematite.

The red inclusions are supposed to resemble spots of blood; hence the name "bloodstone". The name "heliotrope" derives from various ancient notions about the manner in which the mineral reflects light. These are described, e.g., by Pliny the Elder (Nat. Hist. 37.165).

Heliotrope was called "stone of Babylon" by Albert the Great and he referred to several magical properties, which were attributed to it from Late Antiquity. Pliny the Elder (1st century) mentioned first that the magicians used it as a stone of invisibility. Damigeron (4th century) wrote about its property to make rain, solar eclipse and its special virtue in divination and preserving health and youth.

Heliotrope features as an invisibility stone in one of Boccaccio's stories in the Decameron and as an healing magic item in a musical comedy derived from it.

Heliotrope is sometimes used in carved signet rings and is the traditional birthstone for March."

Here is some of the Christian mythological information I found online about bloodstone.... "The most widely known legend of this stone comes from the Middle Ages and claims the “Blood Stone” was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone. Another version declares the blood of Christ, which flowed from the fatal spear-thrust, fell upon a Green Jasper lying at the foot of the Cross, and from this sprang the Bloodstone variety of Jasper. Today, as then, Bloodstone is regarded as a gem of noble sacrifice and can offer courage and solace to all who are called to give of themselves for the good of others. It elicits the highest, most altruistic character of those who wear or carry it"

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